Be part of contributing $1 million in critical relief to our Dorado Beach Staff, their families and surrounding communities in need.

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Delivering Water
Delivering Water

Working Together

Dorado Beach Cares is your opportunity to give critical financial relief and support to our Dorado Beach Resort staff and their families, several of whom have completely lost their homes. 

We are creating paths to provide immediate short-term assistance and long-term aid to those in need. In addition, we will allocate a portion of the funds raised and goods collected to worthy charities in the Town of Dorado and throughout the island that will make the most positive impact to bring Puerto Rico and its people back stronger than ever. We will commit 100% of the funds raised to provide for those who are in need.

We all have a story about how our Dorado Beach team members have integrated into our lives – on the golf course, at the beach, throughout the hotel, during the preconstruction process of a home and much more. Now, it’s our time to give back and make a meaningful difference.  

Dorado Beach Foundation, LLC is a nonprofit organization; organized and operated exclusively for, charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the US Code and Section 1101.01 of the PR Code. We have filed the application for eligibility of donors to deduct their contributions under both the US IRS Code and the PR IRS Code. Once approved, the effect will be retroactive to the date of the filing and donors will be able to deduct their contribution from their tax returns. It is the opinion of the legal counsel, that the Dorado Beach Foundation qualifies under both the US and PR Tax Codes for such purposes. Foundation was originally formed by Dorado Beach to assist our valued resort employees and their families that confront difficult situations or needs.

Thank you for your generous support for our families! 

We care about our Dorado Beach family.

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